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Advance Tiles


Our Courtflex Advance range of tiles is perfect for any outdoor sport courts and is designed to withstand the toughest challenges of any sport at all levels of competition. Vibrant colors make it a beautiful, eye-catching playing surface and a variety of different grips and dimensions make sure that you will have the perfect surface for your favourite sport activity. Due to its excellent and enduring quality, it is an ideal surface for Basketball, Tennis, Volleyball, Futsal and many other ball games. Thanks to its open grid, water is drained away under the playing surface, making it ready to use at any time.

The revolutionary interlocking mechanism combined with the spring tension mechanism allows the court to slightly give in, which takes pressure off your knees and lower back, thus reducing players' fatigue. This built-in flex action makes a Courtflex Court one of the safest and healthiest court surfaces on the market today. Reduces injuries, maximizes usage time and, in turn, revenue.

Its quick and simple installation will give you a ready-to-play court within a day. A Courtflex Advance Court is perfect for new courts or for the resurfacing of old worn out courts, as the tiles also help to hide cracks from the subsurface and allow for many years of play without any worry of crack and surface repair. As such, they are perfect to reinvigorate damaged asphalt or concrete areas for both commercial and home facilities.


Courtflex offers 3 different outdoor tiles in different dimensions with different grip surfaces for the serveral sport games

Outdoor Courts

Courtflex PAL standard colours for Courtflex Advance

Click on color to see PAL code.

Note: Other colors are available on request


Download the specification sheet here


Perfect for any use


Football  Futsal  Tennis
Basketball Volley Ball  Badminton 
4-Square Pickle Ball  Paddle Tennis 
Hop Scotch  Multigame   

And many more..




  • Easy and Fast Installation
  • Fast Drain Open Grid Surface.
  • 16 Injection Points
  • Extra UV Protection and anti-static
  • Low Maintenance
  • Heat Reflective Design
  • Reverse Spring Tension Mechanism
  • Revolutionary patented Inter-Locking Mechanism
  • 3 different grips for different games for better ball bouncing
  • 10 years warranty on breaking down of the tiles
  • 7 years international standard warranty on color fading




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