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Modular Flooring Tiles made from 100% ocean-bound Plastic 

A lot of what we believe in isn’t revolutionary. Cleaner oceans. Sustainable lifestyles. Waste as a resource. Every year, more than eight million tons of plastic trash land in the ocean.

#tide ocean has teamed up with NexxtGrip to take what already exists and create the first-ever made modular floor tile in 100% ocean-bound plastic to be used in the Sport, Leisure, Industrial & Event space.

We’re on a mission

The Swiss company Tide Ocean SA collects plastic waste in South East Asia and turns it into a valuable raw material. #tide has developed an eco-friendly upcycling process: With the help of Swiss precision and solar energy, 100% ocean-bound plastic is transformed into high-quality granules which become the #tide OceanGrip modular sports flooring tile from Nexxtgrip

we save

For a court of 500 m2, we need:

  • - 60'000 bottles of shampoo
  • - 120'000 PET bottles
  • - 1'000'000 plastic bags
before: after:
tide_plastic.jpg court.jpg

OceanGrip standard Pal colors 

front-petrol.png front-blue.png front-green.png front-red.png front-yellow.png front-grey.png

Click on a color to see PAL code.

Note: all other colors are available on request




industrial.jpg  leisure.jpg
events.jpg sports.jpg




  •     Made from 100% ocean-bound plastic by #tide
  •     Sustainable & Re-usable
  •     10 years warranty
  •     Quick Set-Up. 1’000m2, 4 people, 4 hours
  •     Multicolors available
  •     Simple "click in, click out" system by Nexxtgrip
  •     No tools or taping needed
  •     Made for both professional & private use

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