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The MultiGrip sports flooring tile was developed in cooperation with the partners of Nexxtgrip.

MultiGrip is the top product of the next generation of modular sports flooring tiles systems on the market. MultiGrip meets the highest demands in today's sports field's in both amateur and professional sports.

The revolutionary interlocking mechanism in combination with the newly developed 3D-resiliency honeycombed structure surface (Patent pending) ensures a slight rebound of the surface. This reduces the pressure on the player's knees and back by up to 40% (medical approved), which has a particularly positive effect on the joints and skeleton in general. MultiGrip all-weather anti-slip flooring tiles  (you can play also when its rain) significantly reduce the risk of injury, reduce fatigue during play, and increases the desire to play.

MultiGrip is particularly suitable for tennis and Multi-game sports fields in Sports Clubs and Associations, Hotels, Resorts, Public Administration (Schools, Public Places), DIY Markets, Individuals, and Privat.


The UniGrip all-weather sports tile (anti-slip tested) is the universal sports flooring tile from NexxtGrip.

Thanks to Swiss quality UniGrip can withstand the toughest conditions. UniGrip it's the ideal surface for Netball, Futsal, Basketball, Tennis and many other games.

The unique locking mechanism in combination with the spring reaction coupling make the individual panels vertically movable on all sides. This relieves the strain on the knee joints and the back. This reduce the risk of injury and fatigue significantly. (medical approved)

NexxtGrip sport flooring tiles comes with a 10 years warranty on breaking of the tiles and a 7 to 10 year's international standard warranty of fading of the colors

UniGrip is particularly suitable for sports fields in schools, public areas, hotels & resorts, for all kind of sport facilities in public or private area, use.

NexxtGrip PAL standard colors:

front-petrol.png front-blue.png front-green.png front-red.png front-yellow.png front-grey.png

Click on a color to see PAL code.

Note: All other colors are available upon request

Perfect for any use

Football  Futsal  Padpol
Basketball Volley Ball  Paddle Tennis
Netball Tennis Multigame
3 X 3 Master Badminton       And many more...


  •    Easy and Fast Installation
  •    Fast Drain Open Grid Surface
  •    3D- resiliency patent-pending  surface
  •    Extra UV Protection and anti-static
  •    Low Maintenance
  •    Heat Reflective Design
  •    Reverse Spring Tension Mechanism
  •    Revolutionary Inter-Locking Mechanism
  •    All-weather sports flooring tile

Video's - Production and Installation of NexxtGrip




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