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Indoor Sport Courts


The Courtflex Arena, Indoor sport floor is a rigid tile surface, which performs perfectly for all kind of ball sports and it is an excellent surface for roll and indoor hockey. When installed, the Arena tiles lock together so tightly without any seams or gaps that the floor becomes monolithic, meaning that all the tiles locked together become one single large tile.

Our indoor court surface enhances sporting performance and commercial practicality. The unique textured surface of Courtflex Arena tiles is specially designed as the ultimate indoor surface. It offers players excellent shoe contact to keep them from slipping and sliding through minute ridges across the tiles.

Courtflex Arena indoor sport floor is the flattest, tightest fitting and most rigid multipurpose floor in the world. With the special designed strong locking system, the tiles remain flat and they will not cup at the corners after a few months like many other game court tiles.

The Courtflex Arena tile floor was designed to have the same rigid feel as an expensive sprung wooden floor. The engineered surface profile consistently provides a correct friction co-efficient. They can easily be installed, dismantled or replaced through the simple locking mechanism.

Indoor Courts

Courtflex PAL standard colours for Courtflex Arena

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Note: Other colors are available on request


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Perfect for any use


Inline Hockey Roller Hockey Volleyball
Basketball Badminton Padbol
Futsal Handball Gymnastic

And many more..




  • Easy maintenance– no stripping or sanding
  • Fast, easy assembly
  • Permanent or portable installation
  • Easy to disassemble, repair or reconfigure
  • Tightest fitting modular surface in the industry
  • Quietest surface available
  • 5-point injection to ensure tiles remain flat
  • Engineered surface profile
  • Made of specially-formulated materials
  • 10-year warranty
  • Anti-microbial
  • Also available for outdoor use (with additional additives)

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